Apple: innovations wanted now!


Since 2012, no major innovation comes from Apple. The company collapses on Wall Street since September 2012, and the Dow Jones with, in April 2013.

Greater the success, greater will be the fall?

While Apple’s stock had exceeded U.S. $ 700 in September 2012, she fell yesterday to U.S. $ 380 in the stock market on Wall Street, nearly half! As a result, the New York Stock Exchange finished well in the red and the Dow Jones dropped 0.94%. Worse, Apple action now displays a price / earnings ratio of nine times, it is ie very low, worthy companies deemed (“Permanently screwed”) by the markets. group at Apple, must publish the results of its first quarter results on Tuesday, April 23 through a difficult period, punctuated by disappointments. Admittedly, expectations are so strong!

What ignited the powder?

Cirrus American company said this week that its unsold inventory “of a product from a customer” were greater than expected in the first quarter 2013. Yet the company is a leading provider of audio components for Apple on the supposed flagship models such as the iPhone and iPad and it generates 90% of its sales through Apple!

This concern on sales adds to doubts about the future of the company: the management team have a vision for the company? Did Apple really revolutionary new products in the hood? How to improve its margins in decline since its flagship products become commonplace?

On mobile phones, the lead taken by Samsung

In terms of mobile phones, Samsung, selling 25 million smartphones per month, continues to steal market share at the California firm. According to forecasts from research firm Strategy Analytics, the South Korean should hold 38% market share in 2013, while Apple on the other hand do have more than 19%. In 2012, the gap was much thinner since Samsung had 32% and Apple 21% market share.

2013 financial perspectives

If in 2012, the company has still reached $ 43 billion, up 10%, some analysts predict that Apple’s net income could decline by 18% in the first quarter compared to the same period of the last year it would be an absolute first: the benefits have not declined over the past decade!

Some data still green

Apple has $ 150 billion in cash reserves, and has no debts. It helps to relative the health of the company. Who can say the same?

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