BOYD: your employer’s Policy?


Profiling Canadian businesses

In January 2013, the Future of Work campaign was launched, profiling Canadian businesses that are using technology to gain a competitive advantage and transform how they operate. BOYD, Bring Your Own Device, meaning to use personal device for professional usage.

Does your employer have a BYOD policy?

Below, answers given by Cisco campaign in 2013:

1) Yes, it allows devices to be used for business and personal (36%)
2) My work forbids us from using our own devices for work (27%)
3) I’m not sure (36%)

Results of Cisco Report

Below the 2012 results of Cisco Connected World Technology Report:

1) 90% young Canadians check their smartphones starting they wake up
2) 63% of respondents check their devices compulsively throughout the day
3) 90% upload photos
4) 87% check their Facebook
5) 56% use their phone for Twitter

Obviously these devices are becoming an extension of us, and it’s great to see that one-third of Canadians can use the devices they are most comfortable on at work.

Clear direction to employees on BYOD policies

What is also clear however is that confusion exists among employees about whether they have a BYOD policy. The challenge will be for Canadian IT managers and administrators to give clear direction to employees on BYOD policies moving forward.

Why? Because as laptops, smartphones and tablets continue to become more engrained in all aspects of our lives, the workplace of the future must include policies that welcome devices of employees. The pervasiveness of these devices ensures that the issue of BYOD policy adoption is a matter of when, not if.

BYOD is just now becoming a part of popular debate among IT managers and business decision makers so it is not surprising to see a large number of respondents unaware of where their employer stands on this issue, but look for this number to drop drastically in the new few years.

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