Google Glass: where we are ?

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a mobile solution that could replace SmartPhones. Google is thinking to put it on the market in 2014. These glasses are displaying information from Internet superimposed on the classical view which is a solution respecting the principle of augmented reality.

First video explaining the concept (2012)

The film shows the concept before the finalization of the prototype.

Last video presenting v1 of Glass (2013)

The film shows first version of Google Glasses with current Apps in situation.

Functions of Google Glass

Google Glass includes a processor, a flash memory, a battery, a photo camera / video camera, one speaker, two microphones, a wireless antenna, Bluetooth and an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a compass. Google Glass does not have 3G modem, so you have to connect the phone to the glasses via Bluetooth to communicate and surf the internet.

They include most of the features offered by Google: Calendar, SMS / MMS, GPS, camera, email, etc.. These commands can be activated by voice through voice recognition. A small trackpad located on a branch of Google Glass scroll pages eg to move from a menu. You can also control the scroll pages or click nodding.

Specifically, to use these glasses, you have nothing to do, or just talk to them!

  • Say “take a picture” to immediately take a picture
  • You can record what you are seeing
  • These photos or videos can be shared with friends / contacts
  • Get a GPS guide your route directly super
  • Record an audio message to send
  • Ask an encyclopedic information
  • Get an instant translation of a phrase that you dictate
  • Get information without even asking

See how to use Google Glass:

Other french products in preparation

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