Still Waiting for the Perfect Windows 8 Hybrid


I totally agree with this article; I wrote it in a previous article, the problem of Windows 8 is esstentially a wrong device. And this is why the PC market go down: the problem is not the Tablets market but a lack of innovative approach of PC manufacturers during the last 2 years. But it will change, for sure.

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Despite my early optimism for Windows 8 and its potential for interesting laptop-tablet hybrids, I must make a confession: I haven’t gotten around to buying one yet.

It’s not because I lack the funds or the knowledge of what’s available. For the right machine, I’d be willing to spend $1,000 or more –it would serve the purpose of two devices, after all–and I’ve tested a handful of PCs that fall roughly within that range. But so far, none of them have hit all the right notes, and judging from what we’ve seen so far at the Computex trade show in Taiwan, it’s going to be a while until the perfect Windows 8 PC comes along.

In theory, a good hybrid can be held like a tablet for casual uses such as web browsing and reading, but can also transform into a laptop for productivity. Although I mainly use my Nexus…

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