Archive | June 3, 2014

Babolat Play: the connected tennis racket


Babolat Pure Drive Play is the first racket connected to the world. It is marketed starting May at a price of 400 euros. The first racket connected Play Pure Drive, Babolat signed will allow to analyze and improve your game

It is not anymore a prototype.

This time it is more than just a prototype (see Already marketed in the United States since December, it will land on the grounds of French Tennis in May.

Play racket connected Babolat Pure Drive is equipped with sensors in its handle. Motion sensors that allow the particular racket collect data on your game: number of forehand, backhand, to smash, services. It also measures the endurance, power, spin and even the point of impact of the ball on the screen.

Much data that can later be synchronized via Bluetooth on a smartphone. With this information, professional and amateur players can analyze their games and therefore improve. Smaller, the opportunity to compare themselves to other users of the racket including Rafael Nadal.

Babolat Play: