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FloorInMotion: wearable object from Tarkett


FloorInMotion coating is connected to detect falls in the elderly in order to assist them in the shortest possible time while promoting their independence and remain at home.

The “Silver Economy” becomes a major issue in society. And growth stimulates innovation into objects connected to the elderly, to assist them in daily life and reduce their loss of independence.

Faced with an aging population, the market for the elderly is growing. In fact, 22% of world population will be over 60 years old in 2050 (see

Introducing FloorInMotion

The world population aging has become in recent years a social issue and public health for the entire country. And most causes of loss of autonomy of the elderly is often domestic fall.

More people age progresses, the risk of falling is important , especially during the night or in the ponds. After a fall, waiting until the arrival of assistance can lead to medical complications. Unfortunately, falls are the leading cause of death in people over 65 in France for instance each year, 400,000 elderly fall accidentally and 12,000 people die from such a fall .

With his knowledge of the healthcare market , Tarkett has developed an innovative solution that detects abnormal situations. Patient side , the benefit to patients and their families is important because this system is discreet and not visible. That is why it is very popular with residents because it respects the dignity and privacy , unlike video surveillance or electronic bracelet.

Connected to equipment automation, the system also provides FloorInMotion comfort of daily life : the rising of the patient or during the night, the floor detects movement, which makes it possible to activate lights or open the shutters automatically .

Operation FloorInMotion

Tarket FloorInMotion designed as a simple and complete solution of an installed under the floor sensor that detects abnormal movements or fall of an individual. This sensor is connected to an electronic card that processes the signal from patient movement .

The FloorInMotion system Tarkett has a direct connection with the alert system, which helps prevent backup in case of fall and intervene promptly in case of problems . Tarkett also thought to provide a discrete monitoring service for caregivers , accessible computer ( tablet or smartphone ) that keeps track of patient activities without infringing on the privacy of residents.

For health care teams , it is a relief to know that incidents will be quickly identified. In case of a fall , medical teams can intervene immediately and bring relief faster , reducing the effects on the health of residents .


Floor In Motion is the result of an ambitious program of the Department of Research & Innovation Tarkett , expertise in health and conducted numerous partnerships with hospitals, nursing homes and universities. The Tarkett Group has expanded its area of ​​expertise in developing in-house expertise in specific electronic and connected objects .

Floor in motion is primarily marketed to health institutions at the end of 2014 in Europe and North America.